A death divided

Jeremy Northam as Edward Nathan (Misadventures of Margaret; thanks to Gill)

I’m trying something new today, something I’ve never done before: reviewing an audiobook. But for me being at home at the theatre it shouldn’t be that hard, for the voice and its appeal are one of the most important things portraying someone.

To review the audiobook “A death divided” by Clare Francis properly I’ll have to start with the storyline. And I have to say, that I liked the whole idea she had in mind. It is figured out well as well. Like I mentioned earlier on my blog: I like sudden and unexpected twists. And Francis’ book is full of them. Very exciting for the listener as well as for the reader. Sometimes it seemed to me that there could have happened more between the really exciting chapters. But all together it is  a well written thriller with an unexpected ending (I really did NOT expect it to come out like it did…)

Second stage of audiobook review is to rate the narrator. A wonderful choice, without question. Jeremy Northam impersonates every single character with a voice of his/her own and the listener can sense the emotionality of every scene. Almost like watching a movie. I really enjoyed listening to Jeremy. Of course, I tend to enjoy his voice no matter what he actually says. Warm and soothing like honey. 😉 But he always emphasizes the right passages and just gives every character his own life. Very impressive.

My rating for the book: 9/10; for the narration: 10/10



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