That’s what growing up is: Becoming who YOU wanna be!

So true… But unfortunately not everyone shares this opinion.
I don’t know how many times people tried and still try to tell me what is better for me: Try to be more ladylike, try to be harsher some time, try to lose some weight, try to change your styling, grow up…
What I had to realize was: Only when I myself think something is right for me, I should definitely try it. I don’t want to be harsher and I like my styling (most of the time, although I’d like to thank Deniz for her advise…). I already tried to lose weight and lost about 60 pounds. But I did it for myself, not for anybody else.
I may be different in a way. I may behave sappier than others, but that’s what makes me unique. I’m not one of the girls going out every weekend. No, instead of that I follow my dreams. I work on accomplishing them for I know they won’t come true if I don’t. But I still am myself and I learned to love me like I am.

I like to dance, even when it looks akward from time to time.
I like to sing, even when nobody listens.
I like to write, even when nobody is ever going to read it.
I like to be sappy, even when this means I’m exhausting at times.
I like to watch movies, even if they’re made for kids.

To admit it: I still have my stuffed animals spread across my living room. But hey, that’s ok with me for they are a part of me and of being me.

Normally they're spread all over, but I had to place them like this to show all of them together...

An actor, who shows us that you can achieve something by staying true to yourself, is Jason Segel. He brought back the Muppets, because he loved them. He fought for them and moviegoers all over the world thanked him for doing so. Segel even admits keeping about 40 puppets at home and claims that the reason no girl actually dates him twice (if you should be reading this, Jason – I’m just quoting… 🙂 ).
Funny thing I read last week: Jason Segel talked about his new movie “Jeff, who lives at home” to Access Hollywood. He said: “I gained 25 pounds, I’m not embarrassed to say it – I’m proud of it!” Which other actor would actually say that? Who can be a better example for the meaning of staying true to yourself?

Now I really know what growing up means: to find yourself, to live your dreams, to take good advise – but only as long as it makes yourself grow and bloom!


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