Back to Middle-Earth

Long time, no see… Therefore here’s an old post I forgot about:

December 2012
Haven’t been around for a while – too busy writing a book and waiting for ‘The Hobbit’ to come out.
Last week waiting was over. Finally ‘The Hobbit’ premiered all around the world. The excitement started with the live streaming of the world premiere in New Zealand. Well I didn’t watch it, but I enjoyed video clips and photos of the event a day later. Everyone involved in the making of the movie seemed to be happy to show the world what it takes to be a hobbit, a dwarf or an elf. And of course leading the world to see Middle-Earth again.
It was no surprise, that my excitement to see the movie even grew stronger. And I have to say that I wasn’t disappointed at all. The movie just blew me away.
Once more Peter Jackson manages it to take the viewer into the heart of middle-earth. The 3D-effect added some ‘reality’ to the screen and the story, the camera work was gorgeous once again. But what impressed me most was a) the prosthesis department and b) the actors.

a) If you have a look at all the actors who play the dwarfs and then have a look at them in real life… Wow! What an effect. I guess you wouldn’t recognize half of them. The makeup-artists did a fantastic job. Really, really fantastic. Everything looks so real, so great and true-to-life.

b) Especially Martin Freeman and Richard Armitage impressed me. Martin Freeman is just the perfect match for Mr. Bilbo Baggings. The way he speaks, the way he moves – truly hobbitly. 🙂
Well, and Richard Armitage. Hm, at first I have to admit that I really admire him as an actor, because he gives all of his roles the physicality and the character they need. And it’s the same with Thorin. You as a viewer can sense his anger, his inner conflicts and you understand what he longs for. Just as amazing as always.

To conclude: an amazing start for the next best trilogy by Peter Jackson!


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