I live below the line

While researching for the new blog series about british actors I stumbled across a charity cause I found most interesting. It is the “Live below the line” campaign by UNICEF UK.

Is this enough food for five days? I'll find out
Is this enough food for five days? I’ll find out.

Short introduction:
UNICEF wants to raise awareness for extreme poverty, especially in the developing countries. The ‘line’ for this poverty is drawn by living of less than 1,25 $ a day. That sounds pretty much, if you consider the price differences between the western countries and the developing countries, but it isn’t. The statistically calculated amount of money already has been adjusted to the standards of the other countries. So it is not 1,25 $ for a person in Africa, but it is 1,25 $ regarding western standards.
So UNICEF brought that superior idea to life: Try to live on 1 £ (equals 1,17 €) a day to have a look at extreme poverty. Try to feel and experience what it is like to be poor, to truly live below the line. The project lives of the many people participating and spreading the word. Hopefully.

I think the idea behind the project is pretty inspiring. I most instantly decided to participate and share my experiences with the world… 🙂
I don’t know what I expect of this. I don’t even know how this is going to turn out. But I know that I really want to do this.
I talked to a friend of mine about my plans to participate and she asked me: why?
That’s a question to think about for a moment. But actually the better question is: why not?

There’s one fact I instantly thought about: in the western countries people pay more to lose weight than those people in the developing countries can to gain some. Isn’t that a somehow pretty disturbing thought? Don’t get me wrong: I think it is right to try and lose some weight. I could really use it, too. I think it is perfectly right to live a healthy life.
But to think that people from another country can’t afford to live a healthy life, just because they were born there, is depressing. And this campaign is about raising awareness and raising money.
It is about being an international voice for those, who can’t speak for themselves, because nobody is going to listen. This project is about being a voice for those, who would remain unheard.

The challenge is officially going to start on the 29th of April, but I decided to start tomorrow.


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