Below the line, day 1

I got up pretty late today, so that I thought about skipping breakfast to save some cents… But: I decided, that this would be the least healthiest thing I could do.

So I prepared my breakfast, consisiting of bread, margarine and self-made jam. That adds up to a total of 0,07 €.

But by having the strict budget of 1,17 €, you suddenly discover, what you can eat under normal circumstances. Food, that lies in my kitchen untouched by now. And which demanded my whole self-control to not touch (and consume) it. And I was like: damn, you can’t. Pretty nasty…

This campaign has really brought me to think about poverty and the international reasons for it. It even inspired me to write a bunch of short stories I’m planning to sum up as a short book, maybe even to sell it for charity reasons.

I had fried pasta and eggs for lunch, total = 0,37 €

Fried pasta and eggs
Fried pasta and eggs

As a snack in between I had a yoghurt (0,14 €). That adds up to a total of 0,57 €, leaving the rest for dinner (bread like breakfast 0,07 €; cucumber 0,35 €).


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