Below the line, day 2 and 3

Today I’d like to share my thoughts on the project once again, not so much on the food I ate.

The whole campaign makes you think. You suddenly realise all the things, that you take for granted every single day of your life. Water, electricity, oil, gas. The car you drive to work with, the heating in your house, the fridge, that keeps your food and drinks on a convenient temperature. What would we do without it? Just try to imagine a world, where all this luxury gets lost. And then imagine, that this world really exists – not even far away.

It’s really unbelievable. And you suddenly realise, that all the ‘little’ struggles that life has in store for you are nothing against the struggle for life millions of people have to face every day. Every single day. There are people, who do not know, if they will survive this day. Not, because they’re terminally ill. But because they have to suffer from hunger. Some people think, that choosing a restaurant or cafe is a tough choice to make, while these people carry on with their lifes, happy about everything edible they can find.

While we’re thinking about the next electricity bill, they’re happy to have a place to stay at night, so they won’t need to sleep on the streets or in the wilderness, where dangers await them. Not only the visible ones like predators, but also non-visible dangers like malaria or other diseases.

Yes, you could say, that living below the line really changed my mind. I mostly write about movies and books, which is surely a pleasure for me, but I understood, that I also want to share, what is really important to me. Like this campaign. We all need to open our eyes. Not only for those in need hundreds and thousands of kilometres away, but also those real close to us.

Thanks for reading!



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