Actually this is my third time at the bulgarian coast of the black sea. I am here for professional reasons; my job demands it. And I’m really happy it does. 🙂
Before I came here for the first time in 2011 some people out of my personal surroudings (friends) warned me not to expect too much of Bulgaria.

So I came here with low expectations. And what shall I say? Bulgaria surprised me on so many levels. But I’d like to focus on the social, personal one, because what most impressed me were the people.


What I especially like about them and their culture are three traits:

Whenever there’s a problem you as a tourist (or foreign colleague) experience, there’s always a helpful person around to show you the way, to present a solution to you. This is very refreshing and reassuring. 🙂
And really different from the typi al german reaction, that’s more like: ‘It’s your problem, don’t make it mine.’

Well, what can I say about bulgarian hospitality? I really don’t know. Maybe you just have to experience it yourself to get a glimpse of it.
If you are invited, you are really invited. And there’s always just the best for the guest.

Family Sense
I live in the same house as my parents. Separate apartments, but still one house. Many people in Germany see that as a sign of dependence and failure to grow up. I never understood that though. I earn my own money, i pay my own rent, I live my own life. Just in the same house my parents do exactly the same in.
I think I wouldn’t be seen as the strange individual here in Bulgaria. Family is one of the highest values here, if not THE highest.
Family members stand together, support each other. Family is important.

I know that Bulgaria is not only about its people. Surely I could write about the beautiful landscapes, the amazing coast or the weather.
But that is something you can see on photographs or look up on the internet. But the feeling those people can give you is unique.
It is the people and their culture that count. And they are the reason I love Bulgaria! 🙂
Thanks for having me!


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