Waiting for yesterday

‘Everything was better in the good old days’ – how often did we hear that from our parents or our grandparents? And the only thing we thought was: yeah, sure… 😉
But just recently I thought about my past quite often, imagining how great it was, how gorgeous times were back then. Just as if the glorious days of my life had already passed me by and all I could do is remember them, because there wouldn’t be any glorious days / times in the present or even the future.

Life's like a box of chocolate? Nah, more like a good book...
Life’s like a box of chocolate? Nah, more like a good book…

But you know what? That’s not true. The best is still ahead of me, ahead of all of us. Only if we live everyday of our lifes in the firm belief, that life still has surprises for us, it still has the power to bring something wonderful into our everyday life.
When I realize this, I like to imagine my life as a book with many pages and chapters ahead of me. Even if I’m stuck in a chapter at the moment, I’ll get to brighter ones in the future. 🙂
And all the chapters of my past should stay closed. Yes, it is nice to remember things, but they’re not supposed to rule your present life.



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