Things to tell our grandchildren

A few days ago I stumbled across a picture on the Internet:


I shared it on Facebook, cause I thought it was quite funny. Which it probably is. But I also started to ask myself, if there were more interesting and important things to tell my children and grand-children. And yes, there are.
Personally I would neither speak of Pokémon nor of gaming consoles, cause that’s just not me. I would tell them, that I was born, before the Internet was accessible for everyone. That I can still remember, that it was a great thing to go online. That I can still remember the first websites I visited.
I would tell them about great achievements of our time. About great scientific achievements and medical progress. About the german reunion. About Angela Merkel being the first female leader of a western country, about Barack Obama being the first afro-american president of the USA. I would tell them about international crises. About the financial crisis, about the NSA-scandal, about wars and riots.
I would tell them about 9/11 and how it changed the way we used to live.

And  most importantly I would tell them about my personal life. What my achievements were, my dreams and hopes. What I experienced, whom I met and what I went through. Lessons I’ve learned and advices I can give.

Yes, that’s what I’m going to tell my grand-children. Because I think that’s important and those are events, that formed our society and us as individuals.


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