Male vs. Female

Ubisoft announced, that there will be no possibility of playing as a female assassin in AC:Unity. Development of a female character would have taken to much time.
Hm, really? I’m not that good at programming (*cough, cough*), so I can’t really judge their ‘excuse’, but I can judge the reaction of the gaming community to this announcement. There are people again, who start nagging and whining. Reactions reach from ‘That’s not fair’ to ‘Ubisoft is discriminating women’. On the other side of the discussion there are those gamers telling the others to shut the f**k up und even telling women, that they are not playing properly anyway (*ts*).

When I first heard the news I was really enthusiastic. I like the idea of having only male assassins. To be honest I don’t even care, if that’s historically correct. I personally think, that the role of a male assassin fits perfectly. But that’s just my two cents to it.

The more important question is: are women really underrepresented? And should that really count to make a game more fun?
Well, I don’t think so. Just look at the gaming landscape today. There are strong and independent women there. Like Ellie in The Last of Us (probably not the best example, because she’s only 14 and strongly dependent on Joel as it seems, but, man, she’s tough). Like Tess or Marlene in The Last of Us (ok, none of them is playable, but they are still part of the game). Like Jodie in Beyond:Two Souls. Like Elizabeth in the Bioshock series. Like so many others.
And of course the mother of all female video game characters: Lara Croft. Yeah, well, she’s been over-femalized back in her days. I remember playing with a couple of guys, when I was about 12 or something. They were talking about her shape, her abilities and of course her oversized breasts. Hm, I felt set aback at that time, realizing, that they had a really strange perception of women. But they also realized, that women were different from those pictured in the game.
Nowadays Lara has had a total make-over. She’s still not a ‘normal’ woman, but are men portrayed as the normal guys next door? Hardly.
Just look at the muscle-laden, hyper-intelligent characters being super-sensual and all.

The second point is: Does it really feel that bad to play a character of a different sex?
For me that doesn’t count at all. Really. Yes, when I have the possibility to choose I mostly choose a female character. But I have to admit, that I just love some of the male characters and wouldn’t want them to change. Like Altair. For me him being a male character makes a lot of sense and enhances the entertainment level of the whole game. I can feel for him, I can sense his feelings. I love this guy.
Yes, I have an ingame-crush. On him, on Joel – although I know, that they are not real. Although I know, that many women don’t like to play as a male character.

I think it shouldn’t make any difference to play as a male or female. There should not be these discussions. I don’t think women are underrepresented or discriminated on purpose. I don’t think men should judge women for playing video games or not taking them seriously.
Everyone has the same right to play. Everyone has the same right to have their own opinion – that’s why I understand, when people don’t like to be forced to play as a certain sex.
But I just think, that this ‘feminism’ discussion is overrated. Point.

P.S.: Women are as good as men as gamers – there are super-good ones and super-bad ones, too. 😉


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