Surprise, surprise: The devil is in the detail

Damn, everytime I really indulge into a TV show I always find out interesting things about the actors, the background or the shooting locations. In Game of Thrones it’s probably a bit of everything, because the story is rich (richer than rich), the cast is brilliant, the locations perfect. Everytime I switch the TV on and watch an episode (or two or three in a row), it’s almost as if I were there. As if I really knew the characters by now.
And as always it’s the smaller roles, that get my attention.

Like the one of Bronn. For those of you, who don’t know GoT: Bronn is a minor character ‘evolving’ into a major character, but still not one of the protagnosists in the game. He was a sellsword, who was employed by Tyrion Lannister, when he was held captive by Lady Catelyn Stark and her sister Lady Arryn. Long story short: Bronn stood by Tyrion’s side, when he needed him and was a kind of guard for him on his way back home to King’s Landing. So he himself made his way into knighthood as well by supporting the Lannisters (being commander of the city watch first and later on battling against Stannis Baratheon’s army), his name then being Ser Bronn of Blackwater.

I really like Bronn somehow, I can’t even directly explain why. Maybe it’s his blunt and humorous character, although you sense the graveness behind the facade. And that’s what makes a good actor: including every facet of the on-screen-persona. That’s what brings live into them.
I started researching the actor, who portrays Bronn. His name is Jerome Flynn, born 1963 in Bromley, Kent. I hadn’t seen him on the screen before, but found out, that he was quite popular in the UK in the 90s.
Among other things for being a singer. GoT-viewers already experienced that he can sing in S2E9, where he sang ‘The Rains of Castamere’ before going into battle.
But as I learned he was part of a singing duo earlier in his life. Together with his acting colleague Robson Green he would found ‘Robson & Jerome’. They were quite famous back then, especially for their cover of the song “Unchained melody”. More than 1,5 million copies were sold. This is even rumoured to be the song Simon Cowell made his first million with.

I thought this was really interesting, because that was something I wouldn’t have thought of the guy portraying Bronn. Even the outward appearance was completely different back then: he was blond, clean shaven and some kind of a sunny boy. Today he’s not just the ‘pretty boy’ anymore. He’s a dark, brooding, yet an extremely easy-going performer. And now definitely an actor I’ll have on my ‘more movies/shows to watch’ list.
What would be really exciting would be to see him perform on stage. Really, that’d be something. 🙂


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