Whose throne is it? – Thoughts on the ruler over the Seven Kingdoms

(*short reminder to everyone, who reads this: I recently started to read the books – book 1 – and watched season 1-3 of the TV show, so I might be not entirely up-to-date)

A tough decision today: If you had to support one of the houses in Westeros, which one would it actually be?
I’m not really sure. Supporting a house would mean I would want to see one of them on the Iron Throne, wouldn’t it? But it would also mean to support any other house member as well, wouldn’t it?

The Seven Noble Houses of Westeros by Ninja-of-Athens on DeviantArt
The Seven Noble Houses of Westeros by Ninja-of-Athens on DeviantArt

I would love to see Gendry Baratheon on the Iron Throne, maybe even married to Arya Stark. That would be my dream pairing. Well, I know, Arya is quite young and more of an assassin than a well-born lady. But: I would so love to see that, because I think they would reign well together.
But: I wouldn’t support Stannis, who also belongs to the house of Baratheon. This guy and his Red Woman are kind of creepy and he can be influenced way too easy. What kind of King would he be? A rightful one, maybe. But a good one? I don’t think so…

On the other hand: the Starks. A family I could support completely. The characters come along quite boring (sorry), but that’s just, because they always do, what they think is right. That’s what Eddard Stark taught them. That’s his legacy.
But his heir would be Bran, pretty young for a King, I guess. Jon Snow wouldn’t have a chance to get even near the throne, if George R.R. Martin doesn’t have a surprise for us (which he always has…). I personally think there’s more about Jon Snow than I know so far. There’s more about him, he can’t be *just* Ned Stark’s bastard, can he?
Arya would make a pretty good Queen though. I’d like to see her as the King’s wife, if the King is Gendry… *cough, cough*

The Lannisters. Oh, don’t get me started on the Lannisters. In the beginning I hated them, I loathed them. Every single one of them. Now I hate Joffrey (Who’s going to die in season 4), I love Tyrion (who’s going to die in season 4), I’m indifferent about Tywin (although he’s the root of all evil in this house, blog post to follow). I strongly dislike Cersei, but somehow understand her; I disliked Jaime in the beginning, now I feel for him (although I can’t get over this whole incest thing).
So, yes, the Lannisters are by far the most interesting house – and the ones, who have been closest to the throne for ages. Probably they would be the right choice to rule, but what happens, when they rule, we all know.
It would be interesting to see Jaime rule, though.

House Targaryen. Hm. I have to admit, that I really love Daenerys and her development throughout the story. She started out as a shy girl, only doing what she was told. And look at her now: three dragons by her side, two consultants with great knowledge and an army of thousands. She is freeing slaves, conquering cities. She is the mother of dragons! And the rightful heir to Aerys Targaryen – mad or not. I think it’s great how she learned to make her own decisions. But: in many cases she’s just too stubborn to listen to her consultants, although they are far more experienced than her. I can’t make up my mind, if that’s a good trait or not. Maybe she should at least listen. And not just try to force her womanhood onto every human being she encounters.

House Tyrell. The Rose. Well, they surely will have their say in the game of thrones. But I personally don’t feel a connection. Sorry.
I won’t even start on the other houses – Tully, Greyjoy, Frey, Martell (which I don’t know yet), Arryn etc. It’s hard enough to decide between the houses I already mentioned.

That article really didn’t help to make up my mind. I guess I have to watch and read and decide later…
Your PaMi


4 thoughts on “Whose throne is it? – Thoughts on the ruler over the Seven Kingdoms”

    1. The dear Sansa. She developed a lot from the beginning – just remember that snobbish girl from Winterfell. She’s come a long way.
      But I can’t see her as the inhabitant of the Iron Throne. She is still a bit naive. She’s in the center of politics and hasn’t yet learned anything about it. At least it seems like this at that point.

  1. Just a thought… Gendry IS NOT a Baratheon…. he’s a bastard born in King’s Landing, ergo he’s a Waters… I disagree with your opinion about Stannis… I mean, he’s the ONE TRUE KING and a very just ruler. He’s not portraid like that in the TV series, but in the books you’ll get closer to him

    1. Hm, yes, unfortunately he’s not. You’re right. Otherwise Jon Snow would be Jon Stark as well.
      Yet I’d like to think he could possibly become King… 🙂

      And about Stannis: I’ll just get myself surprised by the books. Maybe after reading them I can decide which house I would belong to…

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