[Review]: Fifty Shades of Weird?

The books have been discussed quite ambivalently. Some loved them, some hated them. I have to admit, that I read them. All three of them. Yes, you heard right.
And I also have to admit: I liked them. Well, the writing style was terrible, the choice of words was pretty unbalanced, but still there was something about the story itself, that got me. Maybe it was the dark, brooding, dominant character named Christian Grey. Maybe it was the innocent and naive manner, in which the protagonist Ana Steele wanders around. Having a second thought about it: no. It was probably just the idea of love winning over everything else.
Even over countless sex scenes, which got pretty boring in the middle of book one.

To adapt these books as a movie was a decision, that was also widely discussed. As well as the choice of actors. First Charlie Hunnam, known as Jax Teller from Sons of Anarchy, took the role of Christian Grey. Everyone was like: no, how could they choose him? Charlie Hunnam quit before filming began. Now Jamie Dornan plays his part. And everyone was like: Bring Charlie back, bring Charlie back!
Through all these discussions I just sat there, thinking to myself: ‘It’s a bad idea to make a movie out of it, no matter who portrays Christian Grey.’ And I thought that time might prove people wrong about the choice of actors. Little did I know! *sigh*

The official trailer has been released by now and the viewer gets to see the two protagonists for the first time. As well as anything from the movie: the sets, the lighting, the chemistry.
The modern touch of the trailer is nice, as well as the new version of Beyoncé’s ‘Crazy in love’. I really liked that about those two and a half minutes.
Ana Steele might be a perfect fit with Dakota Johnson, she seems shy and a bit naive, very unexperienced. Just like the book’s character. We’ll see how she turns out to be in the whole movie. And still there’s something missing about Ana, her clumsyness perhaps? She already seems so perfect, even in the clothes she wears (or doesn’t). There is no reason for her to feel bad about herself. I’m wondering, if they kept the scene, in which she almost falls to her feet in front of Mr. Grey.
I remember him being a big deal in the books. Dominant from the moment you see him for the first time. More of a ‘Oh, Mr. Grey… I’ll just hide in the corner til you need me’-type of guy. Sorry, but Jamie Dornan just doesn’t have this appearance at all. The vibes are just not right. The first shot of his head is just… how do I put it? He looks like a twelve-year old in a suit. I’m really, really sorry to say that.
Normally I’m drawn into the story by watching a trailer. For example the new Dracula adaptation. The trailer got me in seconds. But the ‘Shades of Grey’ trailer is just a bit weird. It tells the story, yes, but it doesn’t tell the story good. At least I feel not the amount of emotion or even sexual tension, that was so typical for the books.

To put it in a nutshell: I’m more than disappointed by the trailer, but what did I expect from a movie, that’s based on a fanfiction-based book series? Oh, don’t get me wrong: there are good fanfictions out there. But maybe not this one.
We’ll have to wait and see how the actors work out together on the big screen in a whole movie. Maybe the trailer doesn’t show the potential of their love interest and life. But isn’t a trailer supposed to do exactly this? Giving you a good feeling about the movie? Showing you, what’s going on?


P.S.: I prefer the original Mr. Grey btw….


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