[Analysis / Thoughts]: Teaser Trailer The Hobbit: The Battle of The Five Armies

This might be one of the longest movie titles ever consisting of no less than 33 characters (see a list of even longer titles here).
So this is actually the first time I do one of those frame-by-frame-analyses. Read and enjoy! 😉

So finally we got to see the teaser trailer of ‘The Hobbit’ part 3 last monday.

00:11 We see Bilbo, apparently alone inside the Erebor. He looks quite contemplative. Maybe still about the whole Smaug thing, maybe about the upcoming dangers, that become apparent throughout the story. Interesting: the picture is dominated by the colour green and one single beam of light is visible in the middle of the frame – both signs of hope.

00:13 Voice-Over: “One day I will remember. Remember everything that happened. The good. The bad. Those, who survived and those, that did not.” That is surely a strong phrase, that gives away much to those, who know the book, but not too much to those, who don’t. It is not only a hint on the fates of some of the characters, that were (and are) so important to this story, but it also links the Hobbit-trilogy to the LotR-trilogy very well. As we all know Bilbo writes in his journal and gives it to Frodo later on. This whole part of “I will remember” is not only meant for himself to remember his adventure, but for generations to follow.
But who is he talking to? From the look of the hair-do it must be Thorin, but in which context? Can’t be directly before battle, Bilbo doesn’t wear any armour. Maybe directly before they start preparing for the battle.

00:15 Close-Up of Tauriel – the elf, who doesn’t exist. She looks straight past the camera. What does she see? I think she looks firm and ready to fight, whereas a friend of mine said she looks surprised and scared. Well, I could go with surprised, too. But what does she see, that surprises her?
Obviously humans are fighting orcs behind her. There’s a dead orc in the background, leaning against one of the arches. Where is it? Obviously Dale, because as the humans fled the remains of Esgaroth, they were heading to their former capital in the near of the Erebor to get a place to live as well as to get their hands on Smaug’s aka the dwarves’ gold. So, is this already a part of the big battle? And does this mean Tauriel sees friend or enemy coming up?

00:16 Gandalf riding fast into the city of Dale. Humans are working on armours and weapons. They are learning to fight with it, guards are on top of the wall surrounding them. By the way: Is this the same horse Gandalf rode in DOS? How the hell did it make it through Dol Guldur?
And what is Gandalf up to in Dale? We already saw Gandalf and Bard together on stills for the movie, that were released shortly before the San Diego Comic Con.
So Gandalf is obviously fighting with men and elves.

Bard and Gandalf, in front of fighting elves, source: theonering.net, Warner Bros.
Bard and Gandalf, in front of fighting elves, source: theonering.net, Warner Bros.

00:19 First heart-attack moment. Smaug flying over Laketwon, setting the lake on fire. Fulfilling the prophecy of Durin’s folk:
“The Lord of Silver Fountains, the King of Carven Stone,
the King beneath the mountain, shall come into his own.
And the bells shall ring in gladness at the Mountain King’s return,
but all shall fail in sadness –
and the lake will shine and burn.”
The prophecy was recited by Bard in the second part of the movie. Amazingly the bridge he crosses afterwards, still with the words in his and the viewers’ heads, resembles the bridge on the first official poster for the third part, on which Bard stands on that bridge, while Smaug comes closer, spitting fire.

Official first poster to 'The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies'  source: Warner Bros.
Official first poster to ‘The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies’
source: Warner Bros.

I always feel a strong connection between Bard and Smaug. Especially in this scene although Bard isn’t even there. I don’t know whether it results from my knowledge of the book or just from the knowledge about Bard’s ancestor. Nevertheless: Smaug is stupendously amazing.

00:24 The remains of Laketown burnt down in the background, while Legolas and Tauriel watch people passing. Where the elves with them the whole time? Why where they there? Still because of Kili and his companions? And what happened to them? Were they rescued by Bard and his family? Or by Tauriel and Legolas, because Bard was busy?
Or was the attack of Smaug a few days ago and elven help already arrived? Nah, don’t think so. Must be, that Tauriel was still around for Kili, while Smaug attacked and they just stayed with the humans. Maybe one of them will be sent to get the news to Thranduil? Legolas, maybe?

00:27 Goosebump alert! *nerdy scream* Pippin’s song. That’s all there is to say. Just Pippin’s song. Another perfect link between the two trilogies. This song is already known from “The Return of the King”. Pippin sings it, while he is a ‘guest’ to Denethor. In the mean time his son Faramir tries to take back Osgiliath from the orcs. There has always been that special kind of emotionality in it. Back then as well as today. Hearing his voice over the following picture made tears come up.
I just really, really hope Peter Jackson will take this song as his credit song. That would be a perfect match and a perfect link for both trilogies.

00:29 Humans crossing the mountains to get to their new home, wherever that may be. (Hint: Dale)
A wonderful shot with as much of the New Zealand scenery as possible – and the burnt down Laketown once more.

00:32 Four dwarves passing the giant stairs inside the Erebor. Could it be, that these are the four dwarves, who were left in Esgaroth before? (After rewatching it: most probably) The upcoming events are already hinted by the darkness of this frame.

00:36 Kili can be seen lifting a statue. Or at least a part of a dwarven statue. Probably the ones standing at the main gate. Rebuilding Erebor or building a fortress to defend an attack?

00:38 One of my favourite shots. Close-Up of Bard, that makes him look really royal, honourable, determined, worthy to be the new leader of the Esgaroth-lot. Regaining his strength in times of trouble and danger, coming back to Dale, the city which holds so much history for him and his family. Like I said: favourite!

00:40 Thranduil striving through the empty streets of Dale, dead men and elves can be seen alike. The city is covered in snow: the elvenking of Mirkwood walks through snow. In armour. What is he doing? Where does he go? Is he searching for his son? Or just having a look at the destruction, that has been taking place?

Elvenking in the snow, source: Warner Bros.
Elvenking in the snow, source: Warner Bros.

Second favourite shot: Galadriel walking barefoot through Dol Guldur. Her white dress and her pale skin as a strong contrast to the dark coloured ground. She is the light, she is the good coming along, leaning over Gandalf and kissing his forehead as he lies before her unconscious. What does she do? Does she revive him? Give him back some strength?
People say that would be the romantic part between them, but I’d rather think, that this is a magical moment between them. A moment, in which ones magic helps to cure the other.

00:48 Thorin in the middle of his regained gold. Five creatures (dwarves and a hobbit) in the background. Are they afraid of Thorin already? Is this a sign of his upcoming madness? Is the dragon’s sickness already reaching out for him?

00:49 Yes, it is. He gets suspicious wherever he goes or stands. Brilliantly portrayed. In just a second you can tell, that this man is drivven by his madness.

00:51 Preparation for the battle. All of the dwarves wear their armour, their weapons. They look determined, stern and fierce. Even the young ones, who had been up for their jokes the whole time. Thorin already wears the armor of his grandfather Thror. He and Bilbo stand at opposite sides of the passing dwarves, resembling soldiers preparing for a battle.
Bilbo is wearing Mithril. This is an epic shot, because it captures the dark colours, but also gives little space to light.

00:54 Legolas looks over to the right. Obviously he has been in a conversation with Bard before. Maybe his gaze wanders off to the Erebor, because he’s worried, what might come. Perhaps they already know, that hell is about to break loose.
Legolas’ eyes are too blue this time around. I really hope that CGI will work on that. At least a bit. Please.

00:57 Bard coming down the stairs. A vast elven army in the middle of Dale, all in their shiny golden armours, perfectly trained and disciplined. And that moment, when they part for Bard, the descendant of the last Lord of Dale. Goosebump alert!
Probably Thranduil demands to speak with Bard. Maybe this shot is right after they arrive at Dale.

Bilbo with the “What have we done?”-gaze on his face. He seems already tired and more than sure, that this is not what it should be – in the middle of the battle.

01:03 Here comes a tricky one. Four dwarves on a carriage. At first I thought they were the Esgaroth dwarves, but as I noticed they are not driving towards Erebor, but away from it, they were ruled out. There’s definitely Dwalin (you can see his bald head) and Balin (steering the cart), Fili and Kili at the sides (they don’t go anywhere alone). This is probably not a battle scene, because they are not wearing any armour. At least not visibly.
But it seems most likely, that all parties already have arrived. Why? The dwarven carriage drawn by mouflons or rams (there are not supposed to be rams anywhere near, when the dwarves conquer back the Erebor, so most probably the dwarves from the Iron Hills have already arrived), wargs attacking (wargs coming with the orcs). But why do these four dwarves leave the Erebor? Do they do it with or without Thorin’s knowledge and permission?
Dwalin wouldn’t go without it, would he? On the other hand he’s loyal to his brother and his brother is the wisest of them all.
Are they going to get all information they have to Gandalf? We’ll see.
Amazing shot, btw. The ice, the wargs, the mouflon-rams, the Erebor…

Close-Up of Bard, the royal palace of Dale in the background. “Will you have peace or war?” Once again an amazing cast shows: his gaze, his face, all of his expression says: say peace. He would rather have peace and live in a peaceful way than fight. But even the music says it:

01:11 “I will have war!” Thorin all dressed up in Thror’s armour, even wearing his raven-shaped helmet. He looks a bit like one of the great leaders and warriors we know from history classes. But he is truly driven by his very own gold fever. Kili’s expression in the background…

01:15 Thranduil fighting orcs in Dale with elven elegance. That’s it.

01:16 Legolas’ well-known stare into an unknown future.

01:18 Bard rolling through the streets of Dale, his children (?) crouching. What the hell is he up to? Fighting, probably.

01:19 Exactly like Kili, who looks a bit like a model for hair shampoo in this shot.

01:19 Woah! Azog and his army. One of the five armies, but this is really a vast one! Pretty organized for orcs.

01:21 Bolg in front of Dol Guldur (?). What is he up to? Whom does he want to attack?

01:22 Bilbo in front of Dale (?). A shocked expression on his face. What does he see? Who wants to attack him?

01:22 Dwarves, dwarves everywhere. Dain arriving with a massive army of Iron Hills dwarves riding mouflon-rams. (Himself riding a boar, as I was told by a friend)
Epic shot with the scenery and the dwarves. I like the dark clouds in the background. Winter is coming.

01:24 Bard fighting with his men (?). The guys in the background look pretty much like elves. Look at their faces and their hair. But there’re not only elves fighting, right?
There have to be humans, too…

01:25 Sauron’s Eye! *shudder*

01:26 Four dwarves entering Erebor. The Esgaroth lot? Who else could it be? I couldn’t really figure out and as long as I don’t know, who they are, I can’t really guess on what they’ll be up to.

01:29 Massive army of bowmen – either elvish or human. Would love to think human, but they look so astonishing and elegant. (Help?)

01:30 Group shot of the dwarves – all in armour, all with their weapons at hand. Ready to follow their leader, their prince, their king.

01:30 “Will you follow me – one last time?” Oh my, the tear, the tears are coming. I definitely need a whole lot of handkerchiefs, when I go to see this movie. A lot of them. This implies so much in only one sentence. This will be the last visit to Middle-Earth for all of us. The last time we will be able to experience Middle-Earth for the first time. And of course it implies the course of the story. 😥

01:30 Great: all main characters get their shots: Gandalf, in front of the army of bowmen; Tauriel and Legolas, gazing into in unknown future; and finally Bilbo, the main main character, the one small person, that makes a difference.

Thank you for reading my frame-to-frame analysis. Would love your comments on it!



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