Award win for Jeff Moffitt, Iron Horse Cinema

Those, who know me, know that I’m a massive fan of the movie production company Iron Horse Cinema based in New York.
I stumbled across them, when I was researching The Last of Us a while ago. I found their first Fan Film and was totally thrilled. The quality was extraordinary for a fan film and soon I got to learn more about the people behind the scenes. The cast and crew of all IHC movies are passionate about what they do and that is reflected in the results. Brilliant actors, wonderfully directed, stories that just draw you in. Like I said: I became a true fan!

Still of Jeff Moffitt in the Iron Horse Cinema production "Kingdom Come"
Still of Jeff Moffitt in the Iron Horse Cinema production “Kingdom Come”

And now it has finally happened! The first award!
Jeff Moffitt, one of the founding members of IHC, was nominated in the category “Best Actor in a Feature Film” at the Long Beach International Film Festival for the production “Kingdom Come“. Cast and crew had worked on this movie for three years and it was just as amazing as any other work I’ve seen of them so far.
Daniel Berkey (also known from the TLoU Fan Films) and Jeff Moffitt truly dominated the movie with their acting ability. I truly hope, that there will be a possibility to get my hands on that post-apocalyptic masterpiece someday.

But most importantly: Jeff won! He won the “Best Actor” Award for a movie, with which all the passion and all the love of cast and crew are brought onto the big screen.
Congratulations, Jeff! You really deserve this award for you are an outstanding actor and truly deserve to be known by a bigger crowd.
As well as the rest of your team does. I keep my fingers crossed for all of you, I wish you all the best of luck and success to become one of the big players in the business.
I hope to go to a cinema some day and watch a movie, which has been shot and produced by IHC. And of course I’d love to neet you guys in person some day. 🙂

This was the first step – now conquer the world! 😉


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