[That’s why] I love Uncharted

[Source of the pic: press area of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, playstationfriends.de]

I had heard a lot about the video game series Uncharted. I knew there was this guy called Nathan ‘Nate’ Drake and I knew he was some kind of adventurer.
I never really knew the story, thought of it as a normal ‘mainstream’ game everybody spoke of. But it seems to me, that my history with every video game started this way.

Now, that the movie is announced and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End will be coming out in 2015 (see trailer below), I decided to get a bit closer to the game and its story. So I started watching a Let’s Play of the first part (Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune), after finishing it I was so thrilled, that I began to watch the second part (Uncharted: Among thieves) and afterwards Uncharted: Drake’s Deception.

This game series is amazing. And it is so for different reasons:

Nathan Drake is a true Indiana Jones-like character. The adventurer, the dare-devil, the well-read one though. He’s a genius and an idiot, both at the same time. And that makes him a likeable character through and through. Only few of his personal history comes through in the first part – just one thing is sure: he IS a decendant of the famous Sir Francis Drake. Drake’s motto: “Sic parvis magna” (Thus great things from small things (come)) has a special meaning to the young man, he has an almost obsessive passion for his ancestor.
Throughout the whole story we get to know, why it is like this: his own family has never really been existent, he grew up in a coventry, until he was found by his lifetime-partner Victor Sullivan.
The player never really gets to know, if Nathan is a real descendant of Drake or if he just calls himself so, because Drake has been one of the benchmarks in his unsteady life. The only ancestor he could build up a relationship to, because he did not know anything about his real family. But to be honest: that doesn’t even matter. It just displays, that everyone has a motif for doing the things he does. Nathan is following the paths of Sir Francis Drake. That’s his life, his passion, his obsession.

Victor “Sully” Sullivan is a father-figure for Nathan. Has always been. But also a partner in crime, and that as well metaphorically as literally. I absolutely adored him from the point where it became clear, that Sully would rather die than betray his ‘son’.
There was indeed a moment in the first part, in which I thought he might have switched sides and have solely acted on behalf of his own advantage, but was quite relieved, when it turned out he hadn’t.
Sully himself has never known a life different from the one is has: stealing, adventuring, smuggling. When he first met Nate, he was impressed by the abilities the young man already had and I think he felt an immediate bond. Not only, because he could surely need a partner like that, but also because Nate was so much like Sully himself.
Their relationship turns out to be much more than just friendship, it’s a family bond for Nathan has never had a family before (from age 5 on) and Sully never thought he would have a family.

Elena Fisher. Yeah, I know, she can be bitchy at times and she is Mrs. “Know-it-all”. Still I like her a lot. She is the perfect match for Nathan and has been so from the first part on. It was a bit confusing, that they had ended their relationship(s) between the parts, so that Nate would always start as a single man. On the other hand it is more than understandable, that a relationship like theirs is hard to obtain. She is busy as a journalist, he is busy as a ‘thief’ and adventurer.
I love the chemistry between them and was quite happy, that at the end of part 3 they decided to try it again. One of their most moving scenes was the one, in which Nathan comes back from his desert disaster and Elena takes care of him. It showed their love for each other, but at the same time the strong urge to be able to stay away from the other as it only brings trouble and emotional pain.

The stories
Every single one of the stories so far was extremely elaborate, bringing a lot of historical detail up. I just love, how the developers include these mystical places and make them the goal, that needs to be achieved. El Dorado, Shambala, Iram – great mysticism, wonderfully integrated into a great story.
Leaving me behind with the question: what if all of this really exists? What, if there indeed is someone like Nathan Drake to discover uncharted territories and treasures? What if?
It is great to be left with this feeling. It shows us how little we truly know about our world. How concerned we are with other things.

I won’t go into detail on this one much. You can definitely see the progress in the graphics throughout the series. And it is great!
If I get the desire to travel somewhere exotic, I tend to switch on the computer and watch stills of Uncharted. No matter, which part. There’s the blue sea, the jungle and all those abandoned ruins in Uncharted 1, the wintery mountainside and that impressive little village in Uncharted 2 and there is that incredible desert scenery in Uncharted 3.

The Soundtrack
Love it… 😉

I’m really looking forward to Uncharted: A Thief’s End. From the looks of it Nathan is still engaged (or even married) to Elena. What could it be, that makes him want to come back into the business he has retired of?
Will someone be kidnapping Elena? Or maybe even their kids? Whatever story it will be, I put my trust into the developers to make it a great one. Naughty Dog ftw… 🙂


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