[Preview] Assassin’s Creed movie

[Source of the pic: Ubisoft, Screenshots]

A couple of days ago I read, that Michael Fassbender was still involved in the Assassin’s Creed movie. As well as a producer as as an actor.
He also revealed, that they will stay as true to the game as possible, BUT will also consider it as a feature film. Bringing source material and new ideas together. “You know, we absolutely want to respect the game,” he told IGN.

Good to hear both of it, because I always thought Michael Fassbender was the right guy for this movie adaptation. He has this aura of being dangerous, yet helpful, but still in a roguish way. I always believed, that he would make a great Ezio / Altair / Desmond.
Wait, this movie will be about the first parts of the game, right? The ones, that brought the whole universe to life? Right?
As it seems: no.
According to Film Divider the movie version of one of my favourite games will be about a complete new story. It seems the ‘nowadays’ character will be a guy called Michael Lynch, death-row inmate, he’ll be held by a researcher called Joseph, but be supported by a female assassin named Lara. The ‘past’ character will be called Aguilar de Agarorobo, who lives in the time of the spanish inquisition.

For those, who ask themselves: why the heck does he have to portray two characters? This is what the game is about. It is about heritage and memories transferred to modern individuals through their DNA.

I have to admit, that I was – and still am – a bit disappointed, that the movie won’t take place in one of the already created surroundings of the first parts. I thought that might be the ideal place to start, because it is the start to the whole saga.
On the other hand: it is a movie. It is something different. And so should be the story. Wouldn’t it be boring to see everything we already saw in the games?
To be honest: either way they’ll be doing it, there will always be someone nagging. Some prefer the earlier parts, others the later ones. So it might be the ideal strategy to not ‘just’ adapt the game, but take it to a new level.

I am surely excited about it. Either way! 🙂

EDIT: Just saw that the release might be the 6th of August 2015!! *dancing in circles*


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