[Adventure] Gamescom 2014 I

It’s over.
I have been looking forward to it for several weeks and now it’s over.
It was my first gamescom ever and I was pretty overwhelmed by all the impressions I got. So many people, so many games, so few time.
But the most exciting events during the event itself were the performances of the Cosplay Choir I was participating in.
Just about two weeks in advance a friend of mine asked me, if I’d be interested in going to the gamescom, dressing up in cosplay and performing live on stage with Tommy Krappweis. Of course I was interested. I knew Tommy Krappweis from the last HobbitCon and was totally amazed by getting the chance to get on stage with him. And of course with so many other cosplayers, sharing the same interests as me.
My first problem: I did not have a costume. I had planned on making one for a longer time now, but hadn’t had the time to complete it. I knew I wanted to do something GoT-related, because I considered it to be easier for a beginner and, you know, I’m a complete GoT-freak.
At first it seemed like I was going for Osha, the wildling in service of the Starks. But while I prepared the costume (I ordered a dress at Burgschneider, but wanted to adjust it to fit more perfectly into the GoT-world), I stumbled across another idea: why not be part of the Night’s Watch?
Well, yeah, I know: there are no females in the Night’s Watch, but it’s cosplay. So I developed a small history for my character (which I’ll tell you in a separate post) and got to work.

Sunday itself was a true adventure once more. I started around 6:30 in the morning to get to our meeting point in time. Took me slightly more than 2 hours to get to Cologne, where I got on the underground to come closer to the fair grounds.
Everything went extremely well, I was there on time, met Tommy Krappweis for the first time (and was really impressed how nice he is in person) and was really, really excited for the event itself.
My friend Sarah and I enjoyed the gamescom, had a closer look at some of the boothes and got ready to get on stage about an hour gefore the actual performance. Afterwards we were allowed backstage in the IDG area to get properly dressed and to store our belongings there. Pretty exciting as well, because some webstars could be seen there. 🙂

Apart from that we would be performing on the “Let’s Play meets Gamescom”-stage, hosted by High5 – a famous web-format I love to watch. Nino and Maxi are amazing hosts.
Meanwhile I got to know some more of our cosplayers. Their costumes were extraordinary. We had a female Sherlock Holmes, we had soldiers, ladies, Trekkies and even the Witch King of Angmar with one of his ringwraiths. The minute of our performance drew nearer and I have to admit, that I was barely nervous. Really. What could we lose? We knew the lyrics, we had the fun and we had Tommy as a lead. So what?

And yeah, it was fun. It was sooo much fun! The first and the second time. The audience was amazing, my fellow cosplayers were amazing, High5 was amazing and we were even joined by Dennis Brammen (PietSmiet) for our second performance.
But please convince yourself:



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