Happy New Year!

Same procedure as last year…
It’s a pretty acknowlegded fact, that human beings act on their own behavioural patterns and tend to repeat actions they experienced as good. Hm, still I ask myself about the tradition of New Year’s resolutions every year. Why do people even think about them? Is a new year synonymous with a new beginning? What if I don’t want things to end that started right away?

I just don’t see, why a simple date makes such a difference. If I want to change something about myself I do it. No matter at which time of the year. For example: I just recently got really pissed at myself for gaining weihgt. About four years ago I lost 30 kg in one year, but gained about 15 to 20 back the following years. There were reasons for it, but I don’t want these excuses. The reasons were not medical and that’s all that counts. I could have stopped the gain, I could have been more active, I could have eaten healthier.
I know I’m never going to be a superthin supermodel type of woman, that’s just not what nature made me look like. But: I can be fitter and lose a lot of weight, if I want to. About 7 weeks ago I started to do sports regularly and to eat conciously. Et voila: I lost about 7 kg up to now. I’m even getting re-signed up for a gym.

So change can start at any moment of your life, of your year. There’s no need to wait for the so-called right moment. If you realize something is wrong, just start to change it.
If you realize you want to become more than you already are, change yourself. Believe, work, live, change!
And never forget to follow your heart. Most of the time it tells us more about ourselves than any rational thought could. I don’t say: stop thinking!, but I say: consider your gut feeling, too! Best way to get through life: combine both. 😉

So here’s to you: Happy New Year! Hopefully it will bring you strength, love, health, frinedship, success or whatever else you’re hoping for. But I can tell you one thing: do things and things will happen! 🙂


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