[Paradisiae] No more excuses, no more safe havens

I’m changing. My outer appearance as well as my inner attitude. While nobody can see the inner change I’m going through, a lot of people spot the outer one.
I’ve been asked a lot of questions regarding my weight loss, which has been 22 kg in about 6 months. Many people want to know, what the secret behind it is.
And it’s pretty easy to tell, but not so easy to achieve: you need to change!

After II
After II

Change the way you see yourself, change the way you live. No more excuses, no more safe havens. Leave your comfort zone and go in the right direction – step by step.
The first step for me was the realization, that I needed to change something about me. Just for myself, because I wasn’t happy with my weight and my looks anymore. One morning I got on my scale and thought: “That’s enough!” I knew I had to get active and going again to lose some weight and to become more pleased with myself again.
So I started to change the way I ate. Not much of a change in the beginning, just a little less than I normally ate. Less sweets, more vegetables. And the weight loss began.

The next step was starting to excercise and train my body. This is especially important to form the body and help it recover from the overweight. You simply have to imagine, what a burden the additional weight is for your body, for your cells and for your connective tissue. Not to speak of the consequences for your organs and other health-related factors.
At first it was just Pilates and Yoga at home, in the meanwhile I go to the gym as often as I can – mostly three, four or five times a week. And by “going to the gym” I don’t mean “extensive use of steppers or crosstrainers”. It’s more the use of training devices using weights. Or – optimally – even real weight training.
Please let a professional do the planning for you.

At a certain point I contacted a befriended personal trainer to help me out with my diet plan. And things started to work out even better.
Getting where you want to get is a lot of work, requires a lot of discipline and isn’t always as easy as it sounds. There are times, when your weight just stay the same for a week or two or there might be times, when the weight goes a little bit up, before it goes down again. But never let the circumstances determine your goal setting.
Before I actively started losing weight, I was one of those people claiming to “have no time” for training or eating healthy being “too expensive”. But you know what? That’s just not true. Not at all.
Make the time you need to get in shape, to get fit and achieve your goals. It’s your health, its your self-esteem.
Healthy food doesn’t have to be more expensive than junk food. In fact, it is a lot cheaper, even if it’s fresh.

Do, what is right for you. Do, what makes you feel better. Do, what makes you happy. Just freaking do it.
I know, that I feel a lot better with the new self I’ve become. Not only because I lost weight, but also because I gained self-confidence. I know, what I want. I know, what I can achieve, if I just leave my comfort zone from time to time.

And you can do that, too!


One thought on “[Paradisiae] No more excuses, no more safe havens”

  1. Gratulation! Schön, dass dir der Weg zum Ziel scheinbar genau so viel Spaß macht wie das Ziel selber… Ich sollte auch mal an meinen PhD Pfunden arbeiten…

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