[Review] Hello [Adele, XL Recordings Ltd., 2015]

Normally a love song is about the love of one person to another. It expresses the depth of a feeling that is nearly impossible to express. A special bond between two individuals sharing an emotion, that even science has been trying to figure out for a long, long time. (Yes, I know it’s just for evolutional causes and it’s just chemistry…)

And that’s why these songs use to touch us in a very special place of ourselves. They want us to remember a relationship we have or had, they want these feelings to immerse again and they want our brains to link these songs to our feelings. Most successfully. Who doesn’t remember crying because of a song? Who doesn’t smiling because “your” song played on the radio?

Adele’s new song “Hello” is definitly a love song. It must be, because it’s once again an epic ballad.
But wait? Is it really a love song? Or is it something else? Something much deeper?
I personally like to think of it as a love song to herself. Why I think so? Just listen:

I’m in California dreaming about who we used to be
When we were younger
and free

Yes, this could be a lover as well… But wait:

There’s such a difference
between us
And a million miles

Ehm, yeah, still could be an ex, but isn’t everyone of us also quite different to whom we used to be, when we were younger?

Hello from the other side […]
Hello from the outside

The other side can also mean the other side of life. The old self being stuck where it was (Did you ever make it out of that town where nothing ever happened?), but the new self evolving and just living a different life. Different from all the plans it had a while ago, different from the development of others, different from the path that could have been taken.

I like to think of it that way, because we have far to few love songs and ballads that address ourselves.
And what Adele expresses with this song sums up the experience of growing-up. It sums up, that we sometimes wonder, what would have happened to us, if we had chosen differently. If we had chosen the life we originally planned for ourselves. If we had stayed, when we went. If we had said yes instead of no.

Another reason is, that I like the idea of apologizing to ourselves. Yes, we get heart-broken, but that we stay heart-broken is partly because we indulge in our pain. We cry and we worry and most of the time we blame others for it (or ourselves in a tremendously unhelpful way). We deminish our value by thinking badly of ourselves. Who doesn’t know the train of thought: “Why doesn’t he want me?” “Why doesn’t she talk to me anymore?” “Am I that bad of a person?”
No, you’re not. Let go of these thoughts and try to accept yourself the way you are.
Of course there’s an outward stimulus, but after the break-up, after the pain, after the worries we should come out stronger and be able to apologize to ourselves for what we have done to our hearts.
Just remember all the times you worried about something and there was nothing to worry about. It wounds your heart and leaves it scarred.
Just think about it and try to forgive others as well as yourself.


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