[Review] It follows (Northern Lights Films, Animal Kingdom, Two Flints, 2014)

A little bit late, but like the old proverb says: better late than never.
As some of you might know I attended the 16th Filmfestival Münster a while ago and there is still one review missing. The movie „It follows“ was shown as a part of the „Nightwatch“ series, including a few indie and not so indie horror movies.
At first I wasn’t really convinced of the story, although it sounded interesting. Well, how creepy and yet ridiculous does the idea of a sexually transmitted “demon”-kind supernatural force sound?
Anyway: I was up for a horror movie and what could possibly happen? Right, nothing. 😉
And I have to admit, that the movie really surprised me.

But let’s start with a short summary (as spoiler-free as possible):
Jay is 19 years old and dangerously in love with a guy called Hugh. But bad news, Jay, Hugh is just into this ‘relationship’ to get into her pants as soon as possible to get rid of a sexually transmitted curse, that follows him wherever he goes and threatens his life.
As they make out and end up having sex in his car, he uses chloroform on her, shows her what evil will await her now and disappears. Now she is the one with that tiny, little problem.
The curse is more of a demon, who can transform into every imaginable human form. Jay can see it, but she can never truly tell, whether the strange (or even familiar) person is really a person or just the demons impersonation. It follows her – and it’s not going to stop until she dies or manages to transfer it to someone else.

Ok, so I really thought, that the storyline sounded a bit weird, when I first saw the announcement of it being shown. But I made me curious as well.
The movie started out very slow and calm, almost a bit like a teen movie, because Jay is portrayed as a young independent, but yet also an enamored woman.
The movie is never really up-tempo, but that is also it’s appeal. The tension is build constantly, you as a viewer hardly notice being dragged into the story until you realise your amidst it. That is partly because of the good performance of the actors and partly because of the whole atmosphere created by director David Robert Mitchell.
As IT seems to be indestructible, you start to suffer with Jay, to hope with her, to feel relief and to fear again. It’s brilliant how the suspense is created and held high.

The sound department also made the movie a real piece of art. Music and sound effects always harmonize quiet well with the atmosphere and partly create it.

Being sceptic about it at first, I really enjoyed the movie. I’d give it a 7/10 rating.
I personally think that the atmosphere is one of the most important things in a movie and even small logic errors can be connived. Loved it! Especially the ending. 🙂
People, when you get the chance: go see it!
And don’t forget: it follows!


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