[Review] Here lies Joe (Sweven Films, 2016)

Have you ever felt so devastated, so hopeless, so fragile and fractured, that you thought about eliminating yourself from this world? To take your life to ease a pain nobody can take off of you? To end a neverending train of thoughts?
The protagonists of “Here lies Joe” constantly do. They think about ways to die, think about the right time and place to do so, but first of all, they feel their pain, a pain that urges them to think about its end constantly.

Joe (Dean Temple) suffers. He has lost everything and everyone. He is alone and desperate. He wishes to die. To finally end his suffering. He knows he has got a problem, that’s why he one day visits a self-help group for people with suicidal tendencies. And that’s where he meets the runing point of his life: Z (Andi Morrow).
She’s wild, she’s free and she suffers. Differently, but still she seems to understand a part of Joe and he seems to do the same with her problems.
An unusual friendship starts, in which it is not so clear, who needs whom more.

HERE LIES JOE Teaser Trailer from Sweven Films on Vimeo.

The short movie by Sweven Films plays with subtle hints, emotional pictures and with the psychological state of the protagonists. It’s an atmospherical piece of art, which lives rather on the quiet notes than of the big actions. I was really intrigued and would have loved to see more of Joe and Z. Would have loved to know their backgrounds a bit better, loved to see how they friendship develops and if they will be able to fight against their suicidal tendencies together.

It was a happy ending in some way, but on the other hand the viewer realizes, that there are good days and there are bad ones. That life itself has ups and downs, not only the personal stories of each one of us. And that sometimes all we need is someone, who tries to understand us, to listen to us and walk with us for a while.


Cast & Crew
Sweven Films

P.S.: I personally am a total fan of Andi Morrow as Z. She’s so loveably annoying. 😉

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