[Review] Bir Uyku Vakti / In a time for sleep (Angry Student Productions, 2016)

Losing love seems like losing life sometimes. You’ve given, you’ve loved, you’ve let go and the one you trusted in crushes your heart in an instant.
That’s what happens to Leyla as well. She is eager to celebrate her one-month-jubilee with her boyfriend Arda, because she loves him just as eagerly. But he seems to not care at all about her feelings, about her effort to make him happy. Instead he acts up, telling her, that she doesn’t count, giving her the feeling, that she’s just not worth it.
They argue. They fight. He dies.

But Leyla gets help from a woman she didn’t even know existed – Ardas girlfriend of one year. Finding her might be like finding love again. Finding a friend, finding a soul mate.

The turkish short movie “In a time for sleep”, directed by Tofiq Rzayev, is an emotional rollercoaster ride personalized in the protagonist Leyla (played by Goknur Danishik). She shows love and affection, goes through a huge disappointment, experiences shock, relief, a sense of safety and finally feels a hybrid of love and friendship.
It was nice to see how a relatively short movie can go through so many emotions without being neither boring, stereotypical nor too rushed.
All parts of the movie somehow link pretty well together: music, direction, actors.
With a bit more of a budget, it would have been nice to have a make-up department though. Not because the make-up would have been bad, but because it could have even been a tiny bit better. 😉

I know, that in a short movie it is tough to describe certain motifs of the protagonists, but I still don’t know, why the mysterious woman (Elif Barut) helps Leyla out. Is it more out of an instinct? The urge to help a woman in need? Is it, because she was treated badly by Arda herself? Or was she just pissed, that her boyfriend cheated on her?
Although I like her character, I would have loved to know more about her motifs.

Leyla is a young woman yearning for love, affection and recognition. Maybe the combination of the two characters is what makes watching quite interesting. Like they were two sides of one medal. Two souls lost, but now found.

A well-made short movie from a young turkish movie maker and his crew. 3/5
Losing love might lead to a soulmate, when destiny calls… 😉

Crew (IMDB-based):
Directed by
Tofiq Rzayev

Writing Credits (in alphabetical order)
Mehmet Fatih Güven … (written by)
Tofiq Rzayev … (co-writer)

Elif Barut
Goknur Danishik … Leyla
Mehmet Fatih Güven … Arda

Music by

Serif Ahmet Ege … (music written and performed by)
Gergö Elekes

Cinematography by
Tofiq Rzayev

Film Editing by
Tofiq Rzayev

Visual Effects by
David Kislik … visual effects artist Other crew
Muzaffer Aksoy … production assistant
Erhan Sancar … location
Damla Zengin … location manager

Picture Credit: Tofiq Rzayev


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